Huevos Rancheros

2 Jul

If I haven’t said it already, this is no longer a vegan blog because I am no longer vegan. I’m still vegetarian. And, because I cannot eat dairy I will still be cooking some veganesque recipes. Eggs, however, are back in a big way.


  • Tortillas (I used flour, but corn is recommended)
  • Eggs (I fried one egg per tortilla)
  • 1 can black beans
  • Salsa
  • A handful of cilantro
  • Chopped onion
  • Cheese or un-cheese sauce

For my huevos rancheros, I heated a flour tortilla (I had lots of these and no corn tortillas, which I will have to grab for next time) on both sides. I cracked my egg right on top of the tortilla. My oven is a little funky, so most of it slid to one side. I let the edges of the egg begin to whiten, and then I flipped the whole thing over. If your egg slips and slides around, don’t worry about it! Just press down on the bottom of the tortilla and let the egg cook into the other side.

While I was flipping tortillas, I also heated a can of black beans up for topping. I added some seasoning: turn or two of black pepper, a bit of cumin, and a bit of chili powder. Peek at the egg every once in awhile until you get the done-ness you like. I personally do not like runny yolks, so I cooked my for awhile.

Once the tortillas/eggs are done cooking, top them with goodies. I did beans, cilantro, salsa, onion, and an un-cheese sauce I had made earlier in the week. If you aren’t vegan, load this up with regular cheese.

I only wish I had rice to go with these. I had actually made some really good spanish rice for enchiladas, but we ate it all!

Coming Up

I have some exciting news. But I want to wait until everything is final before sharing…  Here are some upcoming posts:

  • Review of Lick It!—Vegan ice cream cookbook (chillbook?)
  • Independence Day post-post (with zesty potato salad and blackberries!)
  • A curry recipe

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