Potato Eaters

20 Nov

Bonsoir Blog World!

It’s been a downright crazy week. From a bedtime at 5 am to my running of a training session tomorrow at 1:30, I am looking forward to stress-free weekend. Well, semi stress-free.

Seasonal Fajitas

I am really trying to eat in-season more. Despite the red and green peppers screaming “buy me” with their perfect, unblemish skin, nestled in between fat asparagus spears and brussels sprouts I am conciously buying fall produce. Though I would normally make a fajita with peppers, this time I made them with zucchini, onion, and potato. Because this had to be a relatively quick meal, I served them with some rice I made earlier in the week and some vegetarian refried beans:

Fajitas with onion, potato, and zucchini


As a vegan, Thanksgiving is always a fun day for me to show my family how good vegan food can be. I always try to veganize a classic or bring something new they’ve never tried before. I’m planning my menu in my head as I type…

What are your feasting plans for Thanksgiving?

One Response to “Potato Eaters”

  1. aredcardigan November 23, 2009 at 6:09 am #

    Thank you for being a loyal reader, Krista!

    Am glad I managed to entertain ya:)

    Hope your family loved your Thanksgiving vegan treat!

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