The Last Real Month of College

6 Nov

I felt a little tug on my heart when I put away my jack-o-lantern kitchen towel today–and even worse when my lovely carved pumpkin had to be tossed due to a moldy dental problem… As I cope with the end of my favorite month and holiday, I am realizing this year is about done.

Reviewing my calander and looking at the dates for finals,  I recently discovered that I am in my last month of college. The month is sure to be a hectic one, starting with papers due, web sites to build, wedding receptions to attend, videos to make for work, and people to serve Sat. and Sun. at Tasia.

I’m managing better than the last two weeks and feel relatively stess free. The bad news is, I haven’t cooked much and not anything of note so I don’t have any amazing new photos to share, just some odds and ends.The following is a chronological list of photos relating to how I spent my October.

Halloween 013

My Roommate's cat, Boo, lounges one evening




Halloween 043



Halloween 122

Lotus in STL


Halloween 183

Pumpkin Carving

Halloween 196





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