Something in-season

20 Oct

Food: Butternut Squash soup

This soup is from my own recipe, found here. I’m very tired and need to read some of The Two Towers for class before bed, so this will be short and sweet.

Halloween 070

Film: Paranormal Activity

I saw this tonight. I feel that the hype is a little overdone, but I still enjoyed the movie as a fresh addition to the horror genre. I may add more to this tomorrow… I’m sleepy now…

Edit: Back in the morning for a full review. Despite what many people are saying I had no trouble sleeping last night at all. I jumped one time throughout the whole movie. I found the movie interesting and a great new horror movie, but not scary.

But I am not easily scared. I’ve grown up on “scary” movies and reading about/watching ghost documentaries and things of the like. And in fact, Paranormal Activity seems to be a bunch of “haunted activity” youtube videos rolled together into a movie. Seriously watch it, then search “true haunting” or “poltergeist activity”. You will even get the low rumbling whirring sound in one poltergeist video that is heard throughout the nights of activity in PA. The truth is, I think that is awesome.

The movie though, to warn you, isn’t simply a stationary camera in the couple’s bedroom. The camera moves around and is shaky throughout, giving me a powerful headache and upset stomach–just like Cloverfield and District 9 (I didn’t see Blair Witch at the theatres and it didn’t make me sick at home).  So, if this happens to you, be wary. It wasn’t the worse shakiness, but I definitely felt ill afterwards.

Finally, if very subtled things, like loud knocks on the walls are not frightening to you, most of this movie won’t have any effect. I enjoyed it, even though I wasn’t scared. The theatre was very vocal and there were a lot of screams, which is always fun.

Best scene: Powder and footprints and the actions following.

Happy eating all.


One Response to “Something in-season”

  1. aredcardigan October 21, 2009 at 6:51 am #

    Wow you’re really good…you’ve seen a bunch of movies in a row and you’re still going on strong…well done!

    Mmmm soup. I had soup for dinner and there’s just something about soup that comforts me:D

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