It’s October What?

20 Oct

What has happened to this month? It felt like I was just saying, “wow it’s already October” and now the month is nearing it’s end…Christmas stuff (ugh) is arriving in stores, and Halloween approaches and I still have no costume. It doesn’t really matter because everyone I talk to is either working or on a honeymoon.

I figure I’ll just pop some popcorn and have a movie marathon with the cat.
Halloween 013

The tired and apparently very relaxed Boo the cat. She’s my roommate’s cat actually, but I see her more often than my roommate…

Food: Coffee and Pumpkin Bread

Yes, it is a repeat. This was the pumpkin bread in loaf form and I just wanted to show off my ulta cute festive mug, which also happens to be large. I hate those small dinky mugs.

Halloween 037

Film: Uzumaki

Uzumaki is a fun J-horror flick that will leave you feeling slightly creeped out but also humored. There are some seriously hilarious parts in this movie. But some seriously freaky ones as well. I can’t give anything away, but lets just say, the swirling spirals that are causing such a ruckus show up in an unexpected and fatal way. Ah laundry…

I’m fairly pleased they have not tried to remake this movie yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. Or perhaps it is just too bizarre for us Americans. This and Battle Royale.


Is sadly, almost over. I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to appreciate the cooler air, the trees, or any festive farmers’ markets. It’s been sort of a busy downer month. Even when I have an oppurtunity for fun–such as the concert I am attending tomorrow– I’m not all that excited about it. The rest of my month includes a concert, a wedding, a possible pumpkin carving, an academic paper, a 15 page non-fiction essay for my portfolio, several smaller articles for my portfolio, and some definitely spooky sugar cookies.

I’m drinking a lot of coffee lately.


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