Action Shots

19 Oct

Ah Sunday. Well, according to the time for this blog it is already tomorrow. I should probably figure that out seeing as it is really only 7:38 not 12:38 A.M. *sigh*

Food: Edamame Stir Fry with Broccoli and onion

This was an impromptu stir fry created recently with noodles in lieu of rice. It was tasty, simple, and pretty fast. Instead of the usual pics, here are some in-action shots of the stir fry cooking:

Halloween 083It sizzles…

Halloween 084and slides…

Halloween 086And soybeans fly with ease!

Film: The Ring

I promised spooky kids. How could I not include Samara from The Ring. I have yet to see the Japanese version but when this movie came out way back when I was a sophomore in high school, it predated all the J-horror remakes, so it was unlike anything I had seen. With beautiful tones throughout that matched the perfectly grim and disturbing story, The Ring, although often made fun of now, is a gem. (ha ha)

I love a good urban legend and that is what viewers get with The Ring.

Most disturbing scene: horse on the boat.


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