Me-1 Virus-0

17 Oct

I’m finally starting to feel better. Despite working the entire time I was sick (save for Wed.) Yesterday I was serving and today I am running the open-labs at the university. It is cold and I haven’t eaten all morning. I have some leftover soup that I will be tackling before I head out to buy a birthday present and a wedding gift after work. Ah fall break, where have you gone already?

Halloween 060

Food: Pasta Della California

This stuff is so frickin amazing I can’t even begin. Even feeling like crap, I enjoyed this as my first real meal in two days. However the avocados became pretty nasty fast. Usually they stay a nice green.

As always, I served this pasta with some smoky sauteed tempeh. Who doesn’t love tempeh; it is amazing. Chewy, nutty, and smoky (when I cook it) it wins out everytime over it’s other soy counterpart. That’s right. Tofu<Tempeh.

Film: The Exorcist

So I’ve decided to call this week (starting Friday, today-next Friday), the week of supernatural evil. Why? Because I’ve done enough Zombie movies for this little Feast+Frights and it just sounded like fun. To start it off, the granddaddy of them all. And one of the scariest movies of all time…

Just look at that cover. It screams “I’m going to scare the living crap out of you and do it so subtly you won’t even realize it until you are home alone and you are seeing Captain Howdy in the mirror”. *shivers*

The Exorcist has held it’s own as one of the scariest movies of all time for well, a long time. And it is. The score is incredible and the sheer creepiness and idea of the whole thing is just intense. Why is it so scary? I’ll give you my three reasons:

  • Fading Faces in the corners of the screen.
  • Demonic Possession- can anyone sit and say that isn’t terrible unsettling?
  • Rotating head.

There, now watch it if you haven’t and be glad they haven’t tried to remake this movie with today’s effects for two reasons: 1) They could make it scarier. 2) They could totally screw it up.

Now I’m off for some more Reference Sheet making and freezing in this computer lab. This weekend look for some more Halloween treats and meet some spooky kids.


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