The Air is Getting Cooler…

11 Oct

Seriously, it was about 45 degrees on Friday. I love it but the cool wind hurt my ears on my last bike ride. Ouch. I need a hat.

Chana Masala sans Curry

Yes, I was out of curry curiously enough and made this dish without it. To make up for the lost curry seasonings, I used turmeric and lots of cayenne. It came out tasty:

Food: Chana Masala

Halloween 020

Film: Dog Soldiers

Dog Soldiers is a fairly interesting film about werewolves. Movies about werewovles are generally pretty silly, but this is as much I hate to say it, one of the better ones (though not as good as Ginger Snaps which I will discuss later…)

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the movie, but I remember being rather disapointed in the way the werewolves actually look. But come on, name one movie that has got it right?

You would think a group of armed soldiers would be able to take down a werewolf? Nope.


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