Vegan Deli Review

4 Oct

The Review

(this is going to be very short. For a more in depth review on what you can find, you can visit my Suite101 article if you are interested)

Vegan Deli is a great cookbook for lunches, but unless you are adventurous, you may not want to try all that it has to offer. Every dish is salt to taste, so be aware.

And none of the soups call for veggie broth; this is great of course, because the sodium count is much lower, but I have to admit, I added veggie broth in the following dish. All in all, I will definitely try out more of the recipes from Vegan Deli, but probably as lunch dishes and I will be making adjustments.

Food: Moroccan Chickpea Soup from Vegan Deli

Blog 017

Film: Silent Hill

This movie was chosen for no other reason than I planned on watching it the night I made the chickpea soup. yummy.


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