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31 Oct

October has finally come to an end. The leaves are drying up and falling into little drifts; the wind is picking up, slinking into your collar and chilling your neck; and the stores and supermarkets are already packing up their ghosts and goblins and putting up silver-tinged trees and knots of lights.

But enough of my bah-humbug spirit, Halloween is here. I’m not really going anywhere, so as of right now I am not planning to dress up (though I considered running around town in full costume all day). Baked goods, movies, and relaxation will fulfill my evening.

To mark the holiday I am going to share a few past costumes of mine and an unordered list of some of my favorite horror movies (but it is so hard!)

Costumes of Years Past…

  1. Zombie
  2. Sock-hopper (is that the correct terminology?)
  3. Cat (who hasn’t?)
  4. Butterfly
  5. Angel
  6. Ballerina
  7. Giant Baby (it was sort of a weird thing, looking back)

I should note that I was a cat at least three or four times during my costuming career, mostly when I was younger.

Favorite Movies

It’s really difficult for me to choose favorites in anything, but I will give it a try, featuring one movie for each major horror category that I can think of :

  • Slasher: Halloween
  • Zombie: (I really am a zombie movie fan, so this is difficult…) Night of the Living Dead
  • Supernatural: The Amityville Horror (Poltergeist close second)
  • Evil/Possession: The Omen
  • Monsters (Vampires, Werewolves, etc): The Descent, wait…do those guys count?
  • Aliens: Alien, of course
  • Other: Creepshow
  • Remake (ha): Oh, whoops how did that get there? Must be all the “new” movies making an appearance at a theatre near YOU! Yeah, I’m talking about you Halloween/Fridaythe13th/NightmareonElmStreet/TheCrazies/Quarintine/Willard/WhenaStrangerCalls/BlackChristmas/TheHillsHaveEyes/LastHouseontheLeft/Pulse/OneMissedCall/The Ring/TheAmityvilleHorror/TheOmen/And so, so many more I just couldn’t rememeber in that 2.7 seconds.

Wait, isn’t this a FOOD blog?

Yeah, I’m getting back to that. Spooky eats include:

Halloween Sugar Cookies


Pumpkin Seeds (made and shown previously)

Vegan Spicy “Cheese” Dip

Film: Halloween

Seriously, what else could it be?

Halloween is not only one of the most effective horror movies in terms of atmosphere, sound, tone, and timing, but it is also just darn perfect for the season (I will overlook the green trees in October, John). I made it a tradition to watch this movies (sometimes several times) near or on Halloween just a few years ago. And everytime that music starts, I am ready for a fun-filled time.