School, Seitan, and Sweets

27 Aug

Take a moment to relax….

Blog 009

I really love tea and relaxing, but classes have resumed once again and moments of relaxation are few and far between. However, since I’m graduating this semester and only need 9 hours (I’m taking 12) it won’t be that bad. And, I have pretty awesome classes, one of which I am very excitied to take.

For my degree, I need to have a 500 level literature course. I was lucky and this semester they offered a Studies in Children’s literature course where we read….

The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and….

Harry Potter.

Yes. I am reading Harry Potter for a college level class. Did I perhaps take the easy way out, opting for a fantasy course instead of Chaucer or Shakespeare? Probably. But I am OK with that. đŸ™‚

Now on to the food…

Seitan in Spicy Orange Sauce

Blog 018This was my first time eating seitan. Unfortunately, it did not turn out well. The chunks of seitan were too big and I am just not a fan of orange sauce. The recipe I used comes from Vegan Fire and Spice. I will try seitan again in something else, just not anytime soon.

French Toast Donuts

Blog 030I didn’t quite see the french toast in these donuts I made from a recipe in the latest issue of Vegetarian Times. I wasn’t found of the glaze at all, so I only put in on one donut for the picture. The rest were just dusted with cinnamon and sugar.

Edit: Last night while whipping up a mix for vegan ice cream I discovered why my donut glaze failed so miserably. I used arrowroot powder in the glaze instead of powdered sugar. WOW.

The donuts turned out pretty tasty, although more cupcake than cake donut.

Update: I mentioned a review on vegan wine a post or so back. I am still planning on reviewing wines here and there and keeping my thoughts in a list. I will probably post as I taste them and then incorporate all into a page somewhere on the blog so that readers can find it.

That’s all for now; the heath anthology of American Literature is calling…


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