Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe

8 Aug

I was totally excited about visiting this place. The store is no longer in Atlanta, but they have cute little showroom in Marietta, Georgia.

Since we were on one of the last days of our trip, I didn’t have time to buy any refrigerated goods and eat them up. And I also had no way of keeping them cool. So without further ado, some pictures of the goods:

Georgia, etc 124

Z and I purchased 5 Go Max candy bars in the following flavors: Jokerz, Twilight, and Buccaneer. I bought some Perk lip balm in coffee bean as well as some Merry Hempsters lip balm in Vanilla. We also bought some white chocolate chops, wafer cookies, donuts (which we had for breakfast on the way home), and some assorted chocolates.

Needless to say, it was a “sweet” haul.

Georgia, etc 127

Ah, the Jokerz bar. I wish I would have bought more than one. *sigh*. It does taste sinfully close to a snickers bar. Truly, truly it does.

I also bought some new Luna bars at a Publix. We do not have these stores in Missouri. They seem to offer a lot more than the typical grocery store where I am from. I also bought a small bottle of chocolate soy milk here.

Other than that, I have no food pictures! I was running out of space on my camera and Z’s family (who we were visiting) cooked us food! They made some tasty vegan enchiladas, vegan pancakes, veggie burgers and baked beans, and pasta.

For lunch we had Moe’s. They have tofu and salsa and it was pretty good. Not as good as Qdoba though. 😮

I’m going to go ahead and end this post for now. I picked up the novel House of Leaves awhile back and I really want to get started reading it. My summer vacation basically just started and is also ending on the 24th so…..

I leave you with some pics of my trip (that are not food related).

Georgia, etc 015Smoky Mountains (we were in North Carolina too)

Georgia, etc 024

Rapids on the Nantahala river in N.C (which we had just finished rafting). I’ve discovered whitewater rafting in my new favorite thing.

Georgia, etc 033Inside the CNN headquarters in AtlantaGeorgia, etc 044At Centennial Olympic ParkGeorgia, etc 088

Rowan Oak- William Faulkner’s home

Georgia, etc 114

This is the plot outline for “A Fable” written on the walls in Faulkner’s home.

Georgia, etc 056Civil war era home


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