The un-food post

2 Jun

Although I’ve made some pretty tasty food lately, (Smokey red pepper and bean gumbo?) I do not have any pictures to upload today and I am trying to blog more for two reasons:
1. It’s summer and I have the time to make cool food and share it with you allz.
2. I am working long hours at work which is perfect for blogging and reading blogs; this is actually why I started my blog last year (?). 9-5 is hard when you are just a student worker…

I went for a quick walk just to get outside last week at the local nature center. The wildlife was definitely out that day for whatever reason. I saw two snakes (one a possible copperhead…), deer, the usual squirrels, and lizards!


How many lizards do you see?

On another note, I’ve been writing various articles about vegan eating for Suite 101. Suite 101 is a freelance writing site where you write short articles and then you get paid some money after writing about a bajillion of them. I only decided to try it because I quit my job as a server and thought that the continous income would be good even if I wasn’t working. Of course before I get any income, I have to write a lot. I only wish I could blog for money…

So my summer is off to a rather plain and boring start. I moved into a new apartment (well the apartment is actually older) and have been basically working and trying to get settled there. Nothing exciting, no immediate exciting plans, and life in Missouri is pretty much just plain old, well plain. Nevertheless, I will make it more exciting, at least until I can go visit some grad schools out of state or go to the BF’s family renuion…

As you can see in my sidebar, I have links to my facebook and suite 101. Check out the Suite 101 site if it sounds interesting to any other writers out there! And of course, you can add me on facebook, lol. 😉

What about you guys? Anyone have any exciting plans?


One Response to “The un-food post”

  1. aredcardigan June 4, 2009 at 7:48 am #

    Plain n boring summer?? Just you wait! The moment you think it’s gonna be boring – you’ll probably have like one of the funnest summer ever! hehe.

    Believe it or not my job does not require me to sit by the computer all day long and lately there’s been so much to do – reading all my friends blog, including yours is a real luxury, much less leaving comments. Uhmm, less work responsibilities PLEASE!hehe

    Ooooh about the frittata, yea try it. I actually made it with less stuff and it still came out awesome. I’m really more of a lazy cook. Lesser prep time gets the thumbs up from me.

    My exciting plans for this summer – swim more, eat healthy, read more and laugh more. Er, sounds more like a life plan than a summer plan. Oh well:( hehehehe

    Lastly good luck with the suite 101 thing! Link me whenever you’ve got something up.

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