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Vegan Frito Pie

24 Jun

Even though I had to work today and need to work tonight for my internship, this has been a fairly relaxing day. Maybe it was listening to Galactic (a jazz type group) while typing away at the Experts Wiki which I edit for my job on campus or maybe it was having snow cones with my family at the little place on the corner by my apartment. The place of interest has been around since I was visiting my grandmother before I used to live in Springfield; it reminds me of hot summer days at the local pool followed by sweet snowcones dripping red down my hand. And this is not just any old snowcone, this is Snowbiz!

Anyway, on to the reason for this post—Vegan frito pies. They may not be the most healthy, but they are quick and tasty. Perfect for a night in watching past seasons of The Office.

Vegan Frito Pie

A bag of fritos

1 can Amy’s Black Bean Chili (medium)

1 package vegan cheese mix (I will update with the name when I remember it, sorry…)

Lots of lettuce, tomato, and fresh onion.

Cook the chili until throughouly heated. In a separate pan, mix the cheese according to direction. Break up some fritos in a bowl, spoon on the chili and cheese, and top with the fresh veggies.

Yum. I’ve always been a frito pie fan, so maybe it’s just me…

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