Rain, The Wallflowers, and one hot cup of coffee.

3 Apr


Today was fairly cold, rainy, and impressively blah. I am actually one who enjoys the rain, but the mixutre of dropping temperatures while I was wearing just a simple sweater and the gusting wind impaired my usual admiration of this spring precipitation.

Here are some recent meals:


Scrambled Tofu

With red peppers and onions

I’ve used soft tofu and firm tofu for scrambles and I’m starting to think the two should be mixed….



with baby spinach and goddess dressing.

blog-011Whole wheat noodles with veggies and

peanut sauce!


[An absolutely beautiful 62 degrees]

-American Lit. class–discussed Flannery O’Connor

-Worked in the office, updated resume.


-Read some Arthur Miller

-Baked more cookies…


I’m trying to overcome the very physical symptoms of the stress I’ve been feeling lately: irritability towards my family and wonderful boyfriend, fatigue, anxiety… It’s too much.

For the record DO NOT take 15 hours + 15 hours of work at one job+ 15-17 hours of work at another job. You will go insane, especially if you are an English major with tons to read and write.

So, I’m thinking of quitting my serving job. I’m not fond of it anyway, it’s just really close to my apartment and I make a lot of money, which makes me feel secure.

Sigh. Enough of that. I’m going to relax and enjoy the rest of my Friday evening with a nice cup of coffee [French Press] and some more Death of a Salesman.

Sometimes I must confess
I do feel a little over dressed
Sometimes it’s hard to tell the wishing from the well
Where you threw the penny and where it fell

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