Vegan Cowboy Cookies!

21 Mar

I wanted to make these scrumptious little gems long ago, but I have been so busy it was out of the question. But thank goodness that yesterday was my last day of class for awhile because I am finally on spring break!

What a perfect way to start my break from school!


The recipe comes from vegweb. I found it in a drawer in my kitchen thankfully because I had no internet earlier! I sampled a lot of the cookie dough and one cookie so far and they are fantastic! I highly recommend these cookies to anyone who likes a little more umph in their chocolate chip cookie.

I really have a full week ahead of me, despite having no classes. I have a novel and a play to read and some editing to do.Alas! I still have a much needed break from sitting in lectures everyday–and I am planning a short and sweet trip up to St. Louis sometime during my break.St. Louis is one of the fairly close cities to my current location that offers actual vegetarian restaurants and it has some other nifty sights to see. I am trying to not go all out for spring break because I am planning on some trips this summer to (possibly) Pennsylvania and/or Virginia to look at grad schools. Anyway I will definitely have a post on veggie-eatin under the arch sometime in the future!

How many of you students have been assigned homework over spring break, egads!?

Now it’s time for me to do as much of that dreaded homework as possible before the break starts… although I have some great finds on ebay that I would like to check up on…

Have a great week everyone!

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