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A Typical Day until December

28 Aug

Today has been another typical day for a typical college student. I went to class. J’ai parlé un peu en francais. I listened to an incredibly interesting lecture on writing creative non-fiction (or literary journalism, or narrative fiction, etc.). And I went to work on campus and have been type, type, typing away since then. How much more editing of the blackboard training guide can I take? Not much, and that’s why I’m here.

I haven’t really done any spectacular cooking lately. I made some cornbread in a hurry Tuesday night and I made some top notch chili earlier this week as well. However time constraints do not allow for fantastic meals, or trying out new recipes, and that will all have to wait until I have a break, or a nice free weekend. However, I will be baking some cookies sometime this week. My lovely boyfriend bought me a copy of The Joy of Vegan Baking for my birthday and I would like to try out some recipes from there, if not whip up one of my own.

So, I don’t any any real nice foodie pics. I have a blurry picture of a veggie burger I had in Chicago, and some old pictures of enchiladas. But, they are uninteresting and poor quality. So I will show off some lovely, non-food Chicago pictures and get back to the food blogging in a couple of days 😉