Scrumptious for Sure

29 Jul

At the beginning of the week, I decided to make some hummus. Previous attempts this delightful dip had turned out more like chickpea mash than the creamy, dreamy stuff I yearned for. So I set to work, full of determination, drive, and coffee. Despite the time it took, I managed to concoct a pleasantly good batch of hummus, which I’ve been eating it on sandwiches all week and I would have to say it is my most successful hummus to date

I also had some yummy pasta with steamed broccoli!

And last but not least, the bananas I bought for the week were already turning too ripe, and I was in the mood for some baking so I found a recipe for Banana Muffins from Vegan Visitor.
I was lucky enough to have all the required ingredients, except walnuts (which my roomate had):

Also, I’ve been getting soy lattes at the coffee shop my boyfriend works at lately, and I am beginning to develop a slight addiction to them. So I made a homemade, iced version:

One Response to “Scrumptious for Sure”

  1. madeleine August 2, 2008 at 3:41 am #

    oh yum!
    did you know the secret ingredient for hummus? Peanut Butter! Not kidding! It’s delicious – or scrumptious whichever 🙂


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